“Using the People Equity Framework to unleash the power of your workforce”

The Metrus Group have developed the People Equity Framework which will serve as a bridge between important individual and business outcomes. Using this framework will further your  understanding of the linkages in the talent life cycle.  You can then measure how well you are optimising your investment in your people. It will also help you to sign post items that may need to be addressed.

People Equity: The collective state of Alignment, Capabilities and Engagement. The ACE© factor.

Alignment: (Horizontal and Vertical) The degree to which all are looking and moving in the same direction. Aligning behaviours with the Organisation’s Goals, Customers and the Brand.

Capabilities: Defined with the customer in mind. Are capabilities, information and resources sufficient to meet internal and external customer expectation. Understanding the inter-connections is vital…looking at competencies alone is not enough.

Engagement: Satisfaction, Commitment and Advocacy. Demonstrating innovative behaviours, doing the  extra to help the Organisation. The first 2 elements of ACE create the conditions for the third.  

“Alignment is the focus, Engagement the energy, Capability is the delivery to turn vision into reality”

Ask yourself these questions:

Is productivity being directed in ways that increase customer equity, helping to achieve your goals and accelerate your strategy. Do employees understand and support your brand. Are they Aligned?

Do your people have the knowledge, experience skills and abilities to deliver on the current business strategy? Do your talent, information and resources come together at the right time in the right place? Do you attract , retain and grow sufficient talent? Do you have the Capability?

Is your workforce achieving peak performance because it is highly motivated, committed and engaged with your mission? Are you getting the most from your talent pool. Are they Engaged?

If we ask these questions and look at the business through the eyes of the employees, we can gain an even better understanding of the elements that have a real impact on outcomes.

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