Team Building: Creating the High People – High Task team culture

As part of our Talent Management strategies we work with our clients to help them create the desired environment that will support this proactive culture. The emphasis of this unit is on bringing the “High People – High Task” team culture back into the workplace.  As well as building Team Capability the focus is on getting Clear Alignment and Full Engagement.  We initially work with Senior and Middle Management Teams. These teams are then well placed to work with their own team members to apply the team building skills and concepts at a local level.

The first objective is to achieve a shared vision of the desired culture

Recognising a culture of high “ACE”

Commitment & Courage : When members feel a sense of pride and ownership to the success and brand of the organisation and exhibit resilience and persistence when confronting adversity or pressure.

Inclusion & Shared Beliefs: When diverse employees feel accepted and comfortable promoting uniqueness and new ideas. When people behave in ways that demonstrate their commitment to the Core Values of the Organisation.

Collective Focus: When the organisation puts emphasise on and rewards collaboration and co-operation in its operations.

External orientation and innovation: When teams and the Organisation as a whole can innovate and change to proactively meet the needs of existing and new potential customers, deal with increased competition and environment change.


 The Agenda includes:

  • Using the Birkman Team Profiler© to gain a greater understanding of each team members perceptions, needs and behaviour
  • Agreeing the desired set of aligned values and standards the team should adopt to guide attitudes and behaviour. With emphasis on internal and external customers and Innovation.
  • Agreeing on the actual behaviour and standards that presently exist in the team, and then planning to make the transition to reflect the desired values
  • Improving communication channels and processes to build cohesion and trust
  • Aligning roles and responsibilities with autonomy and accountability and making individual commitments to enhance mutual support and put desired values and behaviours into practice
  • Agreeing action plans with timelines to embed the learning a initiate desired change