Presentation Skills  


Making a presentation is a great opportunity to market yourself and your organisation.  The goal of this workshop is to build your competence and confidence to effectively deliver internal or external presentations. The training will help you develop your communication and influence skills through practical experience and coaching and will enable you make the impact required to advance your business agenda. Initially you will focus on learning new concepts and enhancing your dynamic skill sets.  You will then select a real business issue and systematically develop and deliver your presentation. 

One of the key items addressed is how best to manage nerves on the day. You will get plenty of opportunity to develop confidence through practice in a small friendly group environment


Objectives and course content

In more detail you will learn:

• How to plan organise and sequence the presentation

• The most common mistakes made by presenters

• Several ways to managing nerves on the day

• How to introduce and clarify key points 

• To strengthen and reinforce listeners retention and understanding

• How to encourage audience interaction

• To deal with difficult questions 


 The Agenda covers:
  • Preparation of content and visual aids
  • Working with colleagues to build the introduction, body and impactful conclusion
  • Mini workshop on the use of “natural” and effective verbal and non-verbal influence skills
  • Focus on key items related to control of voice including pitch, pace, tone and modulation
  • Selecting, preparing and effectively using support materials including:
  • - PowerPoint - Flipcharts - Samples / models -Demonstrations - Hand outs
  • Several opportunities to present and receive feedback on content and personal impact
  • Group discussion on tips for improvement



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