The performance review is an essential component of the Talent Optimisation process. Effective appraisal can improve organizational performance by building Engagement and ensuring employee objectives are Aligned correctly with the organization goals. The process is geared towards developing Capability by helping the individual to recognize and build on their strengths and to remedy any areas that need improvement. This workshop shows how to make appraisals a two way process, and thereby motivate and empower employees.

The goal of performance management is to provide clarity and direction and to develop and deploy in order to deliver high performance. The goal is to insure that there is a clear differentiation of talent and potential and to ensure that the assessment is done in a fair and consistent manner.

Much literature and attention is paid to the process elements of the appraisal system. While the correct administration of the process is important, we focus most attention on the core skills of influence and coaching, which are at the heart of giving and receiving feedback. We also recognise the process as an opportunity for relationship building.  Frequently managers do not get the required levels of engagement, and sometimes actually do damage during the appraisal process, because they are not skilled in the “art form” of giving and receiving feedback. 

This workshop is highly interactive using video based training with extensive feedback. Working in pairs, participants prepare a case study. They then role- play as appraisers, appraisees and observers and work through a systematic method of applying performance appraisal.



  • Introduction, including a review and Q & A on the purpose of Performance Appraisal and the impact of appraisal on the Talent Management process
  • Preparing for the Appraisal, developing a structure and ground rules for the meeting
  • How to work with employees to agree performance standards, goals and action plans.
  • Highlighting achievements and using positive affirmation to recognise opportunities
  • Develop skills in listening, observing and giving feedback to individuals on their performance
  • Interactive session on building skills in questioning and listening using the C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E. model of inquiry
  • Understanding how to read body language and to project positive body language
  • Dealing with difficult employees
  • Avoiding the common pitfalls of the process

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