Competency based Interviewing skills: 1 day

The objective of the course is to help our clients develop the knowledge and skills necessary to perform effective structured interviews and make effective selection decisions. We focus on helping our clients to attract and recruit talent that is not only Capable, but is also a good fit.  Participants will at the end of this workshop be able to gather behavioural evidence through the use of specific interview techniques and match that evidence against success factors associated with high performance.  They will learn how to select the right person first time.

As well as focusing on the interview process and using competencies, we train our clients in processes that assess the potential Alignment or “Fit” of the candidate.  Poor “Fit” is often cited as the biggest reason for hiring failures. These “failures” are probably the most expensive mistakes made in organisations. Most organisations are less well equipped to identify those that will be likely to become Aligned and Engaged with their Mission & Culture.

The workshop is practical, relevant, highly interactive and includes a combination of :

  • Facilitator Presentations
  • Case study preparation exercises
  • Several opportunities for skill practice, role play and feedback sessions
  • Group review discussions


Participants are engaged in exercises for over 80% of workshop time. During the interactive exercises they will rotate the role of interviewer, interviewee and observer. We can provide video recordings of role plays if required. Participants receive a soft copy of materials and a user pack to enable application and use of all the relevant documentation back in the workplace.

We have over 30 years experience in recruitment and interviewing experience. All of our team are highly skilled in behavioural observation and will ensure clients receive confidence building feedback, on their strengths and opportunities for development. We can get our clients qualified in the Birkman Method on request.


 The agenda covers:

  • Understanding the “ACE” model (Alignment, Capability & Engagement)
  • Scoping and clarifying the Role Definition
  • Establishing the relevant competencies, devising and using a rating system
  • Using the Birkman© profiler to develop the candidate profile and to build questions
  • What to look for when reading the CV
  • How to prepare for and control interviews, including dealing with difficult interviews
  • Using the eight questioning techniques of the C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E. inquiry model
  • Expanding and refining the range of listening skills, including listening to non - verbal messages
  • Using S.T.A.R. to get and document the facts and evidence of competencies
  • Interpreting the evidence in a way that can be weighed and used to make selection decisions.
  • How to recognize and avoid the most common pitfalls of the selection process
  • Helping the candidate to show the best version of themselves
  • User friendly guide to ensure adherence to proper governance and legal issues
  • Marketing your Organisations Recruitment Brand