We will work with you to Optimise Talent through ACE by:

  • Education and Awareness—engaging everyone in the focus on ACE to drive performance
  • Leadership Action—as with any key direction, leadership must understand, commit to and communicate
  • Help your managers develop a style to support ACE
  • Building a strategic ACE survey that is focused on the people issues that make the greatest difference in organisation performance. Working with you to apply your ACE survey
  • Provide you with an organisational wide Talent Scorecard—what gets measured gets managed; this will enable you track key aspects of your talent
  • Review the different processes of your Talent Cycle and build these with a focus on A, C, and E
  • Helping you to embed and use and ACE lens in every aspect of your work

How is this approach different?

Traditional Approach

  • Focus primarily on engagement
  • Address issues related to employees
  • Tend to imply overall solutions
  • Actions primarily linked to engagement and employee outcomes

The ACE approach

  • Focus on Engagement + Alignment + Capabilities
  • Address issues related to employees and the business
  • Tend to imply distinct department or division level solutions
  • Actions are identified more holistically catering for both employee experience and a range of business outcomes

By measuring ”ACE” you can measure how well you are managing talent and find out how to optimise it. This can be achieved by focusing on the relevant element/s of the talent life cycle. The level or benchmark you achieve will account for a large percentage of the variance in many important business and individual outcomes such as productivity or turnover.

Scores of well documented research studies have shown clear evidence of a high correlation between high People Equity and high financial /high quality performance. When both people equity and quality performance are improved it can yield a three-fold increase in performance.  Companies may spend a lot of time developing and applying quality processes and principles but not enough time improving the “ACE” of those who will be using them.  There is a need to measure “ACE” and its drivers, to discover the link between the drivers and the important outcomes.

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