As coaches we do not only work at the behaviour level, but also at the perception and beliefs level. This is what makes the difference between short-term change and long-term transformation. Once the “transformation” goals are clear, we assist our clients make the “transition”. We may assist individuals in preparation for, or following a role/career change.  Frequently this may involve assisting a senior technical specialist to adapt to a more “people managing “role.  We also work with executives who are high performing and who are strategic to the future of the organization. We adopt a non – prescriptive approach that is shaped to the needs of the client.

 In more detail we usually focus on:

  • Improving self – awareness in terms of the client’s needs, perspectives, thinking style and impact. Helping the client achieve a better understanding of their strengths and limiting factors.
  • Improving personal, career and business goal setting – and better ways to achieve goals
  • Building on existing leadership and strategic planning skills
  • Improving critical thinking, resulting in better problem solving and decision-making
  • Builiding ability to inspire and motivate teams
  • Improving confidence to take the initiative, manage conflict and control stress behaviours
  • Developing influence, relationship building and networking skills

Each coaching session typically lasts up to 3 hours and builds on the previous one.  At the conclusion of every session action plans are made to enable ongoing practice and application of learning to the workplace. The personal development planners and learning logs are used to to embed the learning and development and to ensure that the new skills are applied to the workplace in a practical, meaningful and measurable fashion.

We help our clients divide the work into learning chunks and to put time lines on becoming fluent in new perceptions and in using new tools and techniques. We work in partnership with their managers to agree on opportunities to apply new skills, and engage in supporting project assignments.  Learning logs are used to collate data and observations and are a great means of capturing information and thoughts for reflection and for the benchmarking of progress.