Your organisation operates in an environment of on-going change and innovation. Leaders today need to continuously up skill and develop their ability to adapt and also drive change as appropriate. 

Leadership Development programmes frequently fail to deliver because the main focus is placed on the Transformations required, that is, on reaching the point of change.  While new desired behaviours and processes are identified, not enough time or energy is spent working on developing the attitudes and skill sets, that will enable people think and behave differently and genuinely make the Transition that is necessary. As a result changes in behaviour are just  superficial adjustments and “fade out” occurs within a short space of time.

Our modular Leadership Development Programmes are designed, over a 6 to 9 month period, to enable our clients to successfully work through this Transition phase, to achieve and sustain real growth.  We don’t just focus on Capability. The programme is also designed to expand and build the managers sense of self-esteem and self-worth, to ensure they are fully Engaged. We also ensure that all can see how the focus of the programme is Aligned with their goals and the goals of the Organisation. The audience, usually 4-6 in number, is an existing management team or a group of "high potentials" being groomed for future leadership positions.  

On other occasions clients have requested us to deliver variations of this programme, to support larger groups, as they work through organisation or culture change initiatives like our Talent Optimisation Strategy.  

The learning is directly aligned to the individual’s personal growth, their job application and the needs of the organisation.  The goal is to help each individual unlock their  strengths, understand their blind spots and address their development needs. 

In summary, this programme will initially focus on developing a high level of self-awareness.  It will then focus on delivering the leadership / interpersonal skill requirements and finally make plans to integrate the new learning into the workplace. We have been successfully providing these services to our clients across all business sectors, in a cost effective manner for the past 15 years.  (Please see referrals)




  • Previews and Selection of Core Group Modules:  Detail of content:

    Stage 1. Meet with the steering team to agree on all requirements. This may include:

    • A review of the psychometric tools to be applied in the self-awareness module. Adaptation if required of a 360 questionnaire to ensure it is a suitable fit for the target group.
    • Agreeing on the frequency and duration of the group sessions and coaching modules and on the expectations/outputs of these sessions.
    • Agreeing on the work expected from participants in between modules and coaching sessions. As well as reading and learning, this could include identifying projects that members of the group could individually or jointly engage in.
    • Agreeing the support and materials that participants will receive. This includes the issuing of learning logs. They are used to log observations and are a great means of capturing both information and thoughts for reflection along with the benchmarking of progress.
    • Establishing if the group wish to use a version of the Personal Development Planners we can provide or feed the learning acquired directly into the PMS forms currently in use
    • Ensure that all are satisfied with our approach to the evaluation process.

    Stage 2.  Preview

    The objective is to ensure that all participants are aware of the goals, expected inputs, process and content elements of the programme. Items around areas of confidentiality are clarified and participants are prepared to engage in the Self - Awareness module. (360 respondents, if required are collated)


    Stage 3: Self - Awareness Module

    Each individual will complete a Birkman on-line profiler, and some additional psychometric tests.  A confidential one to one feedback session with the course facilitator follows. Collated feedback from the combination of the clustered opinions of respondents (360) and the rigorous scientific comments of the Birkman and other psychometric tools, will help participants gain valid insights into their development needs. If the client has participated in other psychometric exercises in the recent past we also like to refer to this material. Outcome from this module:

    • Deepens personal insights by providing realistic, facts based feedback
    • Helps reduce self-deception concerning development needs
    • Gives a meaningful, clear target and goal
    • Provides a powerful development blueprint for each individual


    Delivery of Core Group Modules

    The disciplines of Self-Awareness, Influence and Critical Thinking are at the core of Team Leadership. They also core competencies required for effective performance management, coaching & counselling, problem solving, strategic planning and many other interpersonal competencies. How group members manage themselves, how they think and then impact on others through effective influence govern how effective they will be as leaders. While we propose these modules we are entirely flexible and will adjust content based on our Client’s needs.