Selecting the right person for the job and the Right Fit for your company is probably one of the most important decisions you have to make. It is the most important stage of the Talent Management cycle. This decision becomes all the more critical when we are focusing at the managerial or executive level of the business.  For the past twenty years we have helped our clients in Ireland and across Europe to make better selection decisions using the Assessment Centre model and through Individual Senior Management & Executive Assessment.

What is different about our approach?

Our assessment processes focus on the potential Alignment & Engagement of the candidate as well as their Capability. Most organisations are less well equipped to identify those that will be likely to become aligned and engaged with organisations culture. Yet “Fit” is often cited as the biggest reason for hiring failures. We work closely with our clients, using  psychometrics and structured interviews, to probe for alignment, capability and engagement. 

We typically use the Assessment Centre model for Graduate or more junior and middle management appointments and where confidentiality is not an issue. This model is also suited to in - house competitions or for assessing for future high potential.

When dealing with Senior Management and Executive appointments, where privacy and confidentiality are paramount, we work on a one to one basis.

Psychometric profiling:

In both cases we use Psychometric testing to assess the potential of a candidate in relation to a particular job role. While the C.V. can demonstrate what the candidate has achieved in the past, it is not indicative of future potential. The up to date psychometric tools that we apply are scientifically validated, well tested and are recognised internationally.

 We apply a suite of scientific assessments, including the Birkman  Method & 16pf profilers. We also apply a range of reasoning  tests. These tools comprise questions and extract data on suitability and potential based on the candidates:

  • Attitudes, beliefs & perceptions
  • Personality characteristics, needs, positive behavioural style, potential stress behaviours
  • Interests and preferred work environment
  • Management and thinking style
  • Abstract, Verbal, Numerical and Critical Thinking reasoning ability.

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