Prior to engaging in the selection and assessment process we will meet with you to assess your requirements and to understand your needs. As well as clarifying the role profile, it is important for us to gain an understanding of the cultural norms and standards of your organisation. This enables us to have a good discussion and develop our awareness as to potential best fit. “Best fit” should not be confused with conformity. At this level, our clients will frequently seek new recruits with a fresh perspective that may challenge the status quo or on other occasions, compliment the team where there is a gap. 

We also use these meetings to discuss ways we can assist you to improve your recruitment brand, and to review the initial phases of your talent management cycle.  Quite often “successful appointments” fail as a result of the existing induction or on - boarding process.

Assessment Process:

  1. Following this meeting we have a clear and agreed job role profile is in place. We then agree on the range of tests to be applied and clarify the output that will be generated
  1. We will meet the candidate in the privacy of our offices and apply the tests in a controlled environment
  1. The exercises are scored and reports are generated upon immediate completion of the tests.
  1. We then give the candidate feedback on the outcomes of the assessments and seek feedback and responses to any of the significant or relevant factors generated by the exercise.
  1. Within a working day, we furnish you with all of the profiles generated and a comprehensive report with interpretations, interview prompts and recommendations. This is followed up by a telephone conversation or face to face meeting to address any further queries.

 Summary of advantages to your Organisation of using psychometrics:

  • Insights into the candidates likely “Organisational Fit” as well as “Capability” are provided
  • Psychometric testing provides prompts to enable the interviewers to probe for specific behaviours, which may or may not match the desired competencies
  • The inclusion of psychometrics improves the fairness and objectivity of the process. This is particularly important when dealing with internal selection decisions.
  • The insights gained from the application of these rigorous tools enhance the decision making process to ensure a higher calibre of recruits are selected
  • The outputs are also used to pin point potential development opportunities for successful candidates that can be followed up on after appointment to the post

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