During this interactive workshop participants gain an understanding of the principles of effective Team Leadership and further develop their team skills.  Based on feedback received from the Self - Awareness module they practice and develop the skills of using critique and giving feedback, resolving conflict, developing potential and engagement in others, and generating team synergy. 

Influence skills and critical thinking skills acquired during the earlier modules are used extensively and developed further.  The emphasis is on “bringing the team with you” through openness, taking ownership, using initiative and planning.  A lot of the concepts used are based on Blake & Mouton’s  “High People – High Task”  9,9  team culture. 

In particular, group members focus on the application of empowerment and motivation techniques.   Several of the exercises carried out during this workshop are designed to enable Leaders practice techniques in organising team resources.  The team exercises are actually scored and enable measurement of the team’s performance in both output and process terms. Participants receive first hand feedback on their impact and behavioural style from colleagues. 

  • Create highly motivated and empowered teams who can “do more, with less”;
  • Improve communication leading to more positive and productive team relationships;
  • Enhanced the team’s ability to create and implement successful change processes;
  • Take advantage of team diversity and develop intercultural competence within the team;
  • Improve retention of key talent.

In summary this module is highly interactive, very enjoyable and highly informative. 


 The Agenda covers:
  • Clarifying what constitutes the "Effective Team" and how to create the “High People – High Task” 9,9 team culture. This includes the specific issues to be addressed in developing real values and practical behaviour indicators.
  •  Practicing the use of specific team Leadership skills including: Initiative, communication, conflict resolution, decision making and critique 
  • Developing practical templates for team meetings and problem solving activities with the emphasis on action planning and achieving results
  • Using the Birkman team profiler to understand the value of team diversity
  • A team exercise focused on analysing and delivering on internal and external customer needs. This exercise usually feeds directly into back home activities.
  • Three separate problem solving activities during which individuals have to achieve consensus on a wide range of decisions.
  • An activity to clarify the attitudes, skills, style and environment required to develop an empowered and achievement orientated climate
  • Feedback sessions during which each participant receives individual feedback based on his/her behavioural impact

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