This module provides the foundation for self-awareness by objective and rigorous assessment, to help one achieve an objective and well - rounded perspective. 

We use psychometric testing to help the individual get insights into their perspectives, needs and drivers. This “inside-out” approach helps one understand how and why they “see and feel” their environment as they do.  We also apply 360° feedback tools to get data from the “outside-in”. This helps the client to better understand what their organization requires and how others may perceive them in terms of their impact. 

The combined feedback helps the individual gain valid insights into their development needs and to recognise some key learning opportunities that will arise in future modules of the programme. 

We are qualified to administer and give feedback on a wide suite of Psychometric tests including:

  • Birkman on line profiler
  • Cattell Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire, Version Five
  • AH 5 Group Test of Reasoning
  • Watson Glasier Critical Thinking Assessment
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • Managerial Values Indicator
  • Emotional Intelligence EQI indicator
  • Graduate Managerial Abstract Reasoning Test GMA

Completion of the testing phase usually takes around 3 hours.  Following this a confidential one to one feedback session with the course facilitator follows to ensure there is full understanding of the results and to highlight specific areas to focus on during the training and development modules.


 Summary Outcome from self - awareness module:

  •  Deepens personal insights by providing realistic, facts based feedback
  •  Helps reduce self-deception concerning development needs
  •  Gives a meaningful, clear target and goal for participants
  •  Provides a powerful development blueprint for each individual
  •  A confidential written report is provided highlighting strengths and development areas, this facilitates ongoing discussion and coaching


Full description of each test  More...This will lead to a description of the Psychometric Tests in Resource Centre

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