Human communication usually has one of three basic purposes: to learn or inform, to relate and to set the scene for influence. Influence is more than good communication.  Communication moves information.  Influence moves ideas into action and can produce an effect without the use of force or command.  

Influence skills are at the heart of leadership, coaching, problem solving, presentation skills and most other people management activities.  This Exercising Influence module forms the bedrock of many of our leadership and interpersonal skills development programmes.

The self - awareness module will have highlighted the key items that require most attention, now the participant can zone in on the specific skills and behaviours, that are most relevant to their development.  

This highly interactive workshop presents a structured approach to learning and using a broad range of influence behaviours. We uses a mix of case studies and real work issues to drive role playing exercises, giving participants plenty of opportunity to practice and recieve feedback. The goal is use the right behaviour, at the right time, in the right context.  The emphasis is on planning, focusing on the "other", becoming more flexible and maintaining focus.

We have facilitated these programmes for scores of organisations across all business sectors.  


 The Agenda covers:
  • Understanding how communication works
  • Learning the principle of influence.. getting into the head of the other person
  • Review of Birkman and its impact on influence style, understanding your bias  
  • Keys to collaborative relationship building
  • Planning for influence – reading the context and relationship issues
  • Dealing with resistance - viewing it as new information as opposed to a personal rebuttal  
  • Acquiring feedback on development needs  
  • Learning how to use new combinations of expressive and receptive behaviours
  • The impact of non-verbal behaviours on influence
  • Cross cultural differences 

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