Building a Trusting Relationship.

We hold an introductory session with the prospective client to ensure the match/chemistry is right. It is up to us to create a safe and trusting environment in which our client can feel comfortable taking the risks necessary to learn and develop. This includes being clear on all aspects of disclosure or inputs that may be relevant to their coaching process. This is also the first step in getting engagement to the process.

Self -Awareness Module: Clarifying Goals and establishing the Coaching Contract                                     

Using the Birkman method and other psychometric assessment, we help the client enhance self –awareness and to understand how their beliefs, values, needs and motivations drive their behaviors. Also by using 360° questionnaires and other related evidence they learn how they presently impact, how they are seen by others.  This combination of “inside-out” and “outside-in” approaches helps our client achieve an objective and well - rounded perspective.  Using these two coaching approaches, we help them decide on the transformation they wish to make.  We then agree a transition plan to achieve desired performance, at the personal, interpersonal, and organizational level.  Aligning personal and organisational goals in this manner clarifies commitments and supports required, provides the motivation and makes the process more relevant. 

Having decided on the goals we then agree on specific results for each goal. We sign off on a written Personal Development Plan that specifies expected deadlines and measures for accomplishing each goal. This will include follow-up and feedback reports on actual activities during the coaching sessions and in between. This becomes our Coaching contract.

This coaching contract is used as a guide and is not written in stone. During the coaching process new insights and opportunities may be realised. Throughout, the focus is on applying the learning to real-life examples and “learning is by doing”.  Therefore new initiatives, that might provide opportunities for additional and relevant “stretch”, for the client’s development, may be pursued as they arise.

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